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Carlos Simpson

Sol Solo is a self-directed project by the designer Carlos Simpson design studio - London, England. The main idea is to understand and communicate self-branding using the graphic design language. About Carlos Simpson: Carlos Simpson is an Entrepreneur, Artist, Designer, Musician, and Author in London – United Kingdom. Carlos graduated from Bristol in Graphic Design at The University of West of England in 2011. Interested in exploring new environments and cultures and finding ways to engage with my surroundings. Using typography, digital, and print as a primer tool believing in design that conveys a clear message that the public can relate to. Ideas are worthless if you can't make them happen. His Art is an anthropological and philosophical study with the intention of better understanding first the Man/Woman and everything that surrounds her/him to "understand my own existence as an individual and evolutionary matter." Simpson explores the complex relationships between art, beauty, religion, science, life, and death, gender dynamics, questions society constructs, and gender empowerment.

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